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I have a warrant for my arrest, Can you help?​

Yes, we can help. Read more here.

Will I have to go to Court?​

It depends. Many court appearances are waived. Read here to learn more.

I was on deferred adjudication, does that mean my record is clean?​

Absolutely not, Read here to learn more.

Can I get an expunction?​

It depends on the outcome of your case. Read more about expunctions here

Do you have payment plans?​

Yes, we offer payment plans. Read more about your payment options here.

A detective called me, should I talk to him?​

No, You should not. Read more here.

How much do you charge?​

It depends on the type of case. Read here to get an idea of the costs of certain cases.

Can the victim drop a family violence charge?

Read here to learn why you are still facing the charge.

Why are you telling me to take classes?​

Our goal is dismissal 100% of the time. Taking classes greatly increases that chance. Read more here.

What is a personal bond, cash bond and surety bond?​

read our breakdown of the various types of bonds here.

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